Follow new updates and improvements to BarcodeMan.

April 1st 2024


  • [Enhancement] Convert Case now have default option.

  • [Enhancement] Make onboarding smoothly.

  • [Fix] Fix the fetch order error when items removed from an order.

  • [Add] Add a new brother barcode label template.

March 18th 2024

  • Fix font loading issue.

  • Enhance the image load performance.

March 11th 2024


  • Fix the CSV Import ( Stocky ) Random Item Issue.

  • Project Structure Enhancement.

February 22nd 2024



  • Add a new feature allowing the users to add certain days with CURRENT_DATE.

  • Show price if no compare-at-price. COMPARED_AT_PRICE can now find PRICE if there is no COMPARED_AT_PRICE.

  • Find & fix a few bugs.

January 15th 2024


  • Update API version.

  • Enhance the first load page performance.

  • Fix collection search feature and the maximum number load.

January 3rd 2024

  • Improve the performance during the initial loading to meet Shopify's requirements.

  • Fix load long variant image issue.

  • Fix if the load image URL failed.

December 28th 2023


  • Improve the performance of creating labels.

  • Label editor enhancement.

  • Limit the minimal height of the element.

  • Improve the metafield loading speed.

  • Replace a better icon with a clear image that represents the font settings in the label editor.

  • Add a feature that allows you to modify the quality and enhance the speed.

December 22nd 2023



  • Fix the domain name. Now, it will display your store domain name instead of displaying

  • Support showing the image of the product variant on the label.

December 21st 2023



  • Support iPad print.

  • Empty SKU and barcode detection.

  • Add a feature for selecting products by import order, more details.

December 21st 2023


  • Fix default selection.

  • Fix default listing storage.